Training Staff

Gretchen Bonser

I'm a Graduate of Virginia Tech University where I received a B.S. in Finance.  I've been happily married for over fifteen years and I'm a mother of three awesome children.  I began training at Comal CrossFit in 2009 and started coaching classes shortly thereafter.  Nothing brings me more gratification than seeing others do things they didn't think possible.  Whether the goal is to lose 30 lbs. or complete a marathon, I believe we all have it in us to make it happen.  I am passionate about helping other people "make it happen!" 


Seminars & Certifications-

  • CrossFit L-1 Certification
  • CrossFit Kids Certification
  • CrossFit Mobility
  • Outlaw Olympic Lifting Camp


Events & Competitions-

  • 2015 Duality
    2015 South Central Invitational
    CrossFit Games Masters Qualifier, 2014
  • The Fittest Games, 2014
  • League of their Own, 2014
  • Europa War Games, 2013
  • OC Throwdown, 2013
  • Europa CrossFit Challenge, 2012


Mike Hoge
Head Trainer 

I love CrossFit! It has truly changed my life forever... I love helping others to realize their potential and watch them do things they never thought they could do! I've been married to my beautiful wife Kelly since 2006 and together we have two kids, Allie, and Hank. 

As I exited my twenties, I found myself slipping into an unhealthy lifestyle and slowly gaining weight as each year passed. I was in a cycle of starting various diets and workout routines only to lose interest shortly thereafter. Being introduced to CrossFit by my brother-in-law in 2009 was the turning point for me. The workouts were fast, challenging, fun, and tapped into my competitive nature. The sense of community and support was incredible and I was hooked immediately! Since then I've become stronger and fitter than I've ever been, and have accomplished athletic endeavors I never thought possible.  CrossFit gave me the tools I needed to overcome several obstacles I have encountered along the way. Best of all, I have a desire to get to the gym each day and feel like I am ultimately laying the groundwork for my children to learn how to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Certifications & Seminars-

-CrossFit L-1 Certification, 2009

-Jon North Olympic Lifting Seminar, 2013



-The Best of the Rest, 2014

-CrossFit Games S. Central Regionals, 2013

-Europa War Games, 2013

-Europa CrossFit Challenge, 2012

-CrossFit Games S. Central Regionals, 2011

Mike Hoge "Dealing with Diabetes" video courtesy of CrossFit Games 


Brandon Bonser

2014 CrossFit Games

I played college football for the University of Richmond and graduated with a Bachelors in Health & Sport Science.  After a long hiatus from all things healthy, I discovered CrossFit in 2010 and have since made functional fitness and "clean living" a priority in my life which has me doing things I never thought possible.  I take great pleasure in sharing the fit lifestyle with others and being part of the growing Comal CrossFit community. 

I love to compete and for nearly 20 years I believed those days were over.  CrossFit has provided me a vast platform for all sorts of competition, challenges & fellowship while opening a whole new world for me.  I've never felt better!

I have my incredible wife, Gretchen, to thank for turning me on to CrossFit and in recent years our three children have begun working out with us at the gym.  I can't think of anything more gratifying than seeing one of our kids do something that I was unable to do myself at their age.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Certifications & Seminars

  • CrossFit Level-1 Certification
  • CrossFit Mobility
  • FRCF Olympic Weightlifting Camp
  • Outlaw Training Camp
  • SealFit Kokoro Class 18   


  • Alamo City Throwdown 2015 
  • Duality 2015 
  • 2015 South Central Invitational 
  • 2015 CF Games Masters Qualifier 
  • The Fittest Games 2015 
  • 2014 CrossFit Games Competitor
  • 2014 CF Games Masters Qualifier
  • Alamo City Throwdown 2014
  • Duality 2014
  • The Fittest Games 2014
  • OC Throwdown 2013
  • Europa War Games 2013 
  • Bounty Hunter Open 2013
  • Europa CrossFit Challenge 2012
  • SICest of the Southwest 2012


Laura Feely

Seminars & Certifications-

  • CrossFit L-1 Certification 2010
  • CrossFit L-1 Weightlifting Certification 2012 (CrossFit Weightlifitng L-2 Certification September 2014)
  • Outlaw Weightlifting Seminar 2013
  • Crossfit Central Level 1 Gymnastics Seminar 2013
  • John North Olympic Lifting Seminar 2013
  • Masters of Russian Wightlifting Seminar 2014

Competitions & Events-

  • The Fittest Games 2013
  • Alamo City Throwdown 2013
  • Women's Throwdown 2013
  • Europa War Games 2013
  • A League of their Own 2013
  • The Fittest Games 2012
  • Europa CrossFit Challenge 2012

Married my first love and together we are raising three little "CrossFitters". I discovered CrossFit in 2009 after losing sight of my health and fitness all through my twenties. Being competitive in sports by nature, CrossFit has provided me with an outlet to compete and continues to push me to become a healthier mother and wife.

I joined the CCF training staff in 2010 and have since found an insatiable thirst for olympic lifting and strength training through my CrossFit lifestyle.  

I became pregnant with our 3rd child about 2 years after starting Crossfit and was able to follow the Crossfit Mom programming to include lifting and strength training up until the birth of our daughter. I believe that when learning the lifts in a safe enviroment through efficient coaching/teaching we are able to provide our clients with the tools and confidence to become better, faster and stronger at not only Crossfit but in the daily tasks we find ourselves faced with.


Leigh Montgomery

I'm a wife and mother of 3 boys.  I graduated from Texas State University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management.  My family and I relocated to Canyon Lake in the summer of 2007.  After a friend introduced me to CrossFit in July 2009, I soon realized this lifestyle was a perfect fit for me. Not long after joining Comal CrossFit I got pregnant with my 3rd child. The joy of CrossFit is that it's scalable to fit anyone's physical needs or condition.  I continued to CrossFit until the Monday before I delivered. I found that CrossFit, combined with Paleo eating habits, have gotten me to a level of fitness I have never before experienced.  Because of the impact Crossfit has had on my life, I completed my CF Level 1 training in  2009, I am a personal Health Coach and am currently pursuing my Precision Nutrition Level I Certification.  I find a great deal of personal satisfaction in helping our members reach their goals through quality nutrition and Crossfit training, which is why I am constantly pursuing my own personal growth in each area!

Shayna Anderson

I have always been interested in fitness and in 2009 was introduced to Comal CrossFit by a friend. I was CrossFit Level 1 certified in August 2011 and have been training classes at Comal Crossfit since.  I have participated in the Crossfit games open and was a finalist in Metrodash obstacle race held in Austin. Through my evolvement as a trainer at Comal Crossfit I have organized and participated in several Crossfit charity events like, Lift Up Moore, Lift up Luke, CrossFit for Hope and benefits for San Antonio Fire Department families.



Born and raised in Hawaii I moved to Texas in 2002 and graduated from University of Texas Health Science Center with my Bachelors in Nursing in 2004.  I have been employed by Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital since 2007 in the surgical department. I am BLS and ACLS certified and belong to the Texas Nurses Association.


I'm married to my supportive and loving husband Jim and have two amazing children, Reese and Gia. The friendships I have gained and the family culture I enjoy inspire me to become a better person and trainer. I strive to motivate and encourage members by understanding their individual goals. I love Crossfit and love sharing and teaching it to others with safe and correct technique and form.

Levi Montgomery

After serving as a soldier in the U.S. Army’s  15th Infantry Regiment from 1994-1998, I decided to pursue my love of football by becoming a high school coach. Once graduating from Texas State University, I began my coaching career in Bay City, Texas, and then later at Pflugerville Connally High School. In 2007 my wife and I moved to Comal County in order to be a part of the founding faculty at Canyon Lake High School. I was introduced to CrossFit by my wife Leigh, and immediately became a believer in this unique style of training. In April of 2011 I successfully completed the CrossFit Football course, where it became even more evident that CrossFit benefits athletes from all competitive sports. The training methods I learned through CrossFit were immediately implemented in our football strength and conditioning regime.  I have since left public school coaching to work in the private sector, but am thankful for my association with Comal CrossFit. Being a CrossFit coach still enables me to do what I love to do. Be a Coach.

Marcus Wenner

I have been training in Traditional Karate for the past 28 years and have been a member of the US American Amateur Karate Federation Team since 2008.  I started CrossFit in 2010 in an effort to step up my conditioning for karate tournaments. Subsequently found that the high intensity workouts coupled with my normal training for tournaments was absolutely key to my personal development. In my opinion no two sports are more fit for each other than CrossFit and Fighting (karate, etc). This realization has led me to become certified in CrossFit Striking and CrossFit Defense. Two certifications that compliment my martial arts training and give me ample experience to share with the membership. I am also a certified Olympic Lifting trainer and love to watch lifts and try to pick out the small nuances that can make you better. I am truly dedicated to not only making you better, faster and stronger while at the box, but I am also committed to making every single one of you safer (with CrossFit Defense) in the 160 hours a week you are NOT at the box. Don't hesitate to ask as I'd be happy to give you a quick lesson!

Certifications & Seminars-

  • CrossFit L-1 Certification
  • CrossFit Striking Certification
  • CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification
  • CrossFit Defense Certification

Competitions & Events-

  • Pan Am Karate Championships 2009 (Silver medalist)
  • World Karate Championships 2009
  • Pan Am Karate Championships 2010
  • Pan Am Karate Championships 2011 (Gold Medalist)
  • World Karate Championships 2011 

Heather Hofstetter


I grew up here in Spring Branch and graduated from Smithson Valley High School in 2006. I am currently attending Texas A&M in San Antonio to receive a Bachelors in Criminology while working for the Comal ISD SACC as a Senior Associate at Bill Brown Elementary School. I joined Comal CrossFit in May of 2010 with a good friend of mine and it has truly changed my life forever. After years of having a weight problem, lack of motivation, and no experience with sports, CrossFit changed everything.Since joining in 2010 I have competed in the CrossFit Games Open, Europa War Games in Dallas, Fittest Games in Austin, 2012 Metrodash in Austin, the 2013 Women’s Throwdown in Austin, local 5K’s, The Alamo 2013 half marathon, the 2012 Bataan Memorial Death March, the 2013 Mountain Man Memorial March, Best of the Rest, and Duality. I enjoy learning from different seminars, peers, coaches/trainers, and developing the skills to better myself while being able to implement what I have learned into my instructions to others. I love CrossFit, helping others better themselves, and watching their progress with each day.


Certifications & Seminars-

  • CrossFit L-1 Certification 2012
  • Outlaw Training Camp 2013
  • Attitude Nation Olympic Lifting Seminar 2012

Debbie Roach

I was born and raised in San Antonio, TX.  I graduated from UTSA with a BS in Kinesiology. For most of my adult life, I have had a passion for physical education and fitness. When I was introduced to CrossFit in 2010, I immediately became addicted.  In November of 2012 I received my L-1 Crossfit trainers certification, and became a trainer at CCF in March of 2013. I am proud to be a trainer at such a wonderful box.  I am inspired daily by the outstanding athletes we have here at CCF.  They help me push myself beyond my comfort zone, and to continually try new things that I never thought I could do.  My goal is to do the same for others.  It’s very rewarding for me to see our CCF members work so hard, and to actually see the results of their hard work.  Over the past few years I have participated in various 5k-10k's, the Beach-2-Bay relay marathon in 2012, competed in Europa team competition in 2012, attended the Outlaw Training Camp in Feb 2013, competed in the Mountain Man Memorial March 26.2 miles (full/heavy division, wearing a 35 lb. ruck), competed in the 2013 CrossFit Games Open, and am currently training to compete in the Spartan Texas Beast in November 2014.

Amy Pickron 

I am a graduate of Texas A&M university with an under-grad degree in Education. In 1996 I earned my Masters degree in School Counseling from Sam Houston State. I moved to New Braunfels 4 years ago with my husband and 3 kids. After some friends introduced me to Crossfit in 2010, I joined and never looked back. I earned my Level 1 Trainer certificate in 2012. My greatest pleasure as a trainer is watching how this crossfit lifestyle has truly transformed lives.



Since joining CCF I have completed the San Antonio Rock n Roll half marathon, various local 5k runs, Spartan Sprint, Spartan Super, and Spartan Beast races. I have taken my love of fitness to my local elementary school where I have started a running club for students and their families. Crossfit has forever changed my family's life and I love to share that with others.

Sergio Reyes

I played soccer and rowed crew all the way through high school and continued to play soccer in college. Upon completing a degree in international business, I became a foodie and a wine/beer/cigar aficionado. I occasionally went through the motions at a globo-gym. Needless to say, my health and fitness took a serious nose-dive.

Crossfit changed my life in 2012. Thanks to CrossFit I discovered my favorite physical activities: powerlifting and olympic weightlifting. I received my CrossFit L1 Trainer certification in 2014. My enthusiasm for Crossfit and particularly weightlifting translates into a constant search for knowledge and experience. I love using this to help fellow Crossfitters any chance I get.

Micah Samuelson

I have a passion for teaching. I'm a firefighter for the city of San Antonio and a former U.S. Marine. I have an athletic background as a competitive gymnast at the national level.  I was also a collegiate diver and was a Marine Corps Martial Arts instructor. I started CrossFit in 2011 and and became a Level 1 trainer in 2013. I love learning and teaching new skills, especially gymnastics and weightlifting. My favorite aspect of CrossFit is the way that the community, and healthy atmosphere, it generates can transform lives.


Certifications & Seminars-

  • CrossFit L-1
  • CrossFit Gymnastics

Events & Competitions-

  • Firefighter Throwdown 2014



Erin Alexander

I joined Comal CrossFit in April 2011, when a cousin encouraged me to come.  My exercise routine at the time consisted of running.   I was burnt out and had plateaued in my weight loss goals.  Looking for something new, I decided to give it a try.  My live was changed forever.  In CrossFit I found a new passion for working out in a place where routine is the enemy, so I never get bored.  I have competed in local competitions, such as Europa, A League of Their Own, Women's Throwdown, and The CrossFit Games Open.  

I graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.  I met my husband there and we eventually moved to Spring Branch to be closer to family.In 2012, I got pregnant and with the help of our coaches and CrossFit Mom's website was able to continue to CrossFit until my delivery date.  In 2012, I also began assisting Coach Gretchen with CrossFit Kids.  As a teacher with a passion for CrossFit, it seemed like a great way for me to help out at the box.  It brings me a lot of joy and, I have loved being able to work with the kids to help them get better, faster and stronger!

Hunter Russell

I earned a B.S. in Human Performance & Nutrition from Stephen F. Austin State University and I'm USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Certified.  I'm fortunate to have 12 years of experience as a competitive athlete including time at the professional level with the Adidas running team.  I have a passion for working with kids, and helping them with skill development.  Previously, I've worked as a Sports Performance Coach at Velocity Sports Performance in Southlake, TX which is well-known for training many NFL & MLB athletes.  I also served as Director of Outdoor Fitness at Unicus Athletics in Argyle, TX.

Jason Washa

I am a graduate from Texas A and M University-C.C. with a Bachelor's in Business Administration.  While getting my Bachelor's, I also became a Certified Paramedic and Managed the Nueces County Lifeguard/Beach Patrol.  This is where I fell in love with Functional Training and competing against elite athletes in nationwide lifeguard competitions.  I also played football, baseball and basketball in high school.
I did my first CrossFit workout in 2010 as a way too stay in shape for surfing the big waves and was immediately hooked.  Later in 2010 I got my Level-1 CrossFit Certification and have been training and coaching every since.
I got married in 1998 to the best woman I know, Sara, and she and I have two great children, Reese and Cale.  Both of my children are a part of the Comal CrossFit Kids program and both absolutely love going to the "Box" to train and see their friends.


Jason Almond

After college, I joined the Army in 1997. I enjoyed the team atmosphere and work ethic that mirrored my Texas sports culture growing up. As my career progressed, I found myself not being part of normal physical training classes and had to do it on my own....and fitness on my own was failing. I missed the team atmosphere and I only trained to get by, not to get fit.

In 2014, my wife discovered cross fit by literally driving around our neighborhood in Olympia, WA, saw a bunch of crazy people flipping tires, drove up and asked, "what are y'all doing?" She was cross fitting for a few weeks and kept telling me I had to try it. I finally went to a class and I was hooked.

I am an organized person professionally, but I had hit a stagnation point in my personal goals and endeavors. Cross fit brought back that feeling of challenge and accomplishment. I felt empowered by the ability to impact my well being with such an outstanding community, I decided to take on all of those things that "I was getting around to someday."

Since I began cross fit, I've graduated with my masters in organizational leadership from Gonzaga University, earned two USA soccer coaching licenses, and I'll be finishing my alternative teaching certification for history and social science this fall. I will retire from the army in late 2017 and I couldn't be more excited to meet the challenges that come with this transition. I credit my cross fit experience for enhancing my mental and physical stamina, my will to serve others and the resiliency required to succeed.

My entire family does cross fit now. My wife, my 15 year old daughter and 12 year old son learn, laugh and sweat right along side me. Cross fit has shaped my life for the better and I can't wait to see what the future brings.

Cindy Bonds

I was born & raised in San Antonio, TX. I attended Texas State University in San Marcos, TX and graduated with a Degree in Elementary Education.  After college, I was a kindergarten teacher for 9 years. Then, after having my daughter in 2003, I decided to be a stay at home mom. I love being a mom & I could not be more grateful for the time I have had to spend with my daughter.  My husband, Brian, has always wanted to get away from the city, so in 2013 we moved from San Antonio to Bulverde. We love it here! I was introduced to the CCF community through my daughter who got hooked on CrossFit Kids soon after our move.
My yoga journey began about 6 years ago. I was struggling with migraines and looking for a natural way of dealing with them. I had taken yoga as one of my PE credits in college and enjoyed it, so I became increasingly curious about the yoga classes at the gym I was going to.  I was extremely intimidated at first and I only went to a class when a friend agreed to try it with me.  I began with gentle classes that felt amazing & I quickly began to see results.  I felt invigorated & mentally clear. Yoga reduced my stress & helped reduce my migraine frequency.  But it was a struggle to fit yoga into my schedule while still trying to find time for my regular workouts.  Then, about 3 years ago I found Power Yoga. It was perfect because I was able to get an intense full body workout along with all the amazing benefits of a traditional yoga practice. Power Yoga has made it possible for me to find a deep inner strength while developing my outer strength. It has truly changed my life and my body at the same time.
I am thrilled to be starting a new yoga journey here at Comal CrossFit! Having the opportunity to teach Power Yoga is truly a dream come true for me!

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