Comal Ruck Club

The Comal Ruck Club blends exercise with adventure. It’s an opportunity to enhance your fitness outside of the gym while trying something different and new. Whether that be a GORUCK Challenge, a trek across the Grand Canyon (and back) or simply being prepared for any physical or mental pursuit…The Comal Ruck Club will have you ready.

RUCK•ING [VERB] carrying a weighted pack on your back. It implies action, energy, and purpose.

Here are 5 really cool things about rucking:

Rucking is good for you.
A recent article about the rucking craze in Men’s Health Magazine explains the difference that walking with the backpack makes. “For the average guy, a 30-minute walk burns about 125 calories,” according to the Compendium of Physical Activities, “but throw a weighted backpack on and take that exact same walk, and you burn about 325 calories.” The article goes on to state that the benefits of a weighted backpack worn for 30 minutes every day can add up to nearly 10 pounds of fat burning in a year.
Hearing about this exercise, I assumed it might be hard on your back since that is where you’re carrying the weight, but it turns out the opposite may be true. Some experts say that a weighted backpack helps hold your torso up, so your back muscles don’t have to work as hard. Another benefit is that rucking is said to have a lower injury rate than jogging or running, but can offer similar results.

Rucking is fun.
Rucking and enjoying the outdoors are one in the same. There are lots of “rucking-inspired” events for which to train nowadays. Simply pick one that appeals to you and make it a goal. Sometimes it’s difficult to discern which is more enjoyable, the training workup, or the actual event itself!

Rucking is social.
Rucking is a fitness activity that can connect you to your community. It’s a great way to meet new friends, build camaraderie, and even be part of a team. Rather like a fraternity, the experiences garnered during rucking create somewhat of a brotherhood, and the people whom you ruck with could end up being lifelong friends.

Rucking is motivational.
There’s little more rewarding than setting a lofty goal, then doing what it takes to achieve it. Successfully attaining your physical goals can easily carry over to other aspects of our lives.

Rucking is patriotic.
We live in the greatest country on God's green earth!  Throughout our nations history, countless American's have given their lives in service of our nation.  And when rucking starts to hurt, we ease our own suffering by remembering and honoring those who sacrificed so much for our freedom.  

Our Comal Ruck Club training sessions are typically programmed as a progression. They become increasingly challenging with each subsequent workout. While generally a higher volume of training, the program does cycle-in both high-intensity and unloading phases. Training will change often based on the group’s collective goals, and we're always working together to tackle the next big goal.

To put it simply, you’ll do all kinds of physically challenging tasks such as:

-Sandbag relays
-Sled drags
-Hill sprints
-Grinder PT
-Odd object strength training
-Rucking (lots of rucking!)

Below are just a few rucking-inspired events achieved by previous members of the Comal Ruck Club:


Bataan Memorial Death March


Spartan Death Race

Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim (Grand Canyon)

Mountain Man Memorial March

Texas SISU Forge

Grand Canyon Bright Angel/ North Kaibab Trail

This program focuses on building the following attributes:

High Work Capacity
Mental Discipline

Comal Ruck Club classes are included in your CCF membership.

“Traditionally, rucking is to put weight on your back and go for a walk. Man has been rucking forever, since we figured out that our shoulders and back are better for carrying loads than our biceps. Militaries have been rucking since their existence. Ammunition, clothing, and food don’t move themselves and you need free hands to carry a weapon. Now rucking is a social fitness, a sport, and a way of life open to any and everyone.”

If you’re looking for something different, ready to be part of a team, have fun and get outside…The Comal Ruck Club is for you.  Classes are seasonal and meet on Saturday mornings at 0700.  Check our class schedule for details.  

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