All classes are coached by CrossFit L-1 trainers and our exercise programming is facilitated by our experienced coaching staff.  We value your time so classes begin on schedule and run the full hour.  The workout-of-the-day, or WOD, is different each day and rarely repeated.  If you're new to CrossFit, or not familiar with a movement or exercise, your trainer is there to assist you.

Classes are conducted in a controlled environment  Once the warm-up is completed your trainer will detail the workout.  The WOD's are thoroughly explained and a demo will be conducted for each of the movements.  If you're unsure how much weight or how many reps you should attempt, your trainer will assist you with appropriate scaling options.  Although we fully subscribe to the principal of "Intensity = Results," we will not allow you to jeopardize your progress & personal safety by pushing "too hard, too fast."

Workouts at Comal CrossFit are designed to be both challenging and fun. In a group setting, you will push yourself harder while fostering camaraderie with your fellow CCF members.  These elements, combined with rapid improvement in your overall level of fitness will keep you coming back and lessen the "plateaus" as seen in other traditional workout modalities.

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