Heather Hofstetter

Heather Hofstetter

I started at Comal CrossFit in the middle of May of 2010 and as of October 2011 I've lost 50 pounds, 4 dress sizes, and have gained a great deal of muscle. I have always had a weight problem and never really found anything that I enjoyed doing. I had tried many machines, but would get bored with them shortly after and I could never find anything that kept the weight off until a friend of mine introduced me to CrossFit. I was really skeptical about joining, thinking that there is no way I can do what everyone else is doing. However, after time and lots of encouragement from the wonderful coaches and fellow CrossFitters to push myself out side of my comfort zone I improved with every WOD. Since joining CrossFit I have gained more self-confidence than I ever had, not only because I’ve lost weight, but because I have accomplished many goal’s that I never thought possible. CrossFit is truly addicting and even when you know you are fixing to walk in and exert yourself on one of the toughest WODs you’ve ever done, it is something that you look forward to every day. It’s my support system and I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without CCF and it’s own little family.
Thanks Comal CrossFit!!

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