Personal Training

1-on-1 Training. Personal Coaching. Private Sessions.

Personal Training at CCF is the fastest, most successful and motivational way to reach your fitness goals. You will work 1-on-1 with a personal coach in private individual sessions. Personal Training is for those with special needs, limitations, specific goals and can accommodate nearly any schedule.

Why Personal Training?

  • 1-on-1 training
  • Personal coaching
  • Private sessions
  • Reach or maintain a healthy body weight
  • Focus on unique health concerns
  • Train the ideal way for you
  • Accountability
  • Learn and develop new skills


For Members: 

  •  1-hour Session for $75 ($100/session for two people)
  • (5) Five 1-hour Sessions for $325 ($65/session)
  • 30-min Skill Session $40

•  12 Sessions for $1,080 ($90/session)

Click Here to contact us about your personal training goals or talk to a coach in the gym. 

Click on the specific CCF coaches' name below to book personal training time directly with that trainer:

Coach Jason Almond

Coach Shayna Anderson

Coach Heather Hofstetter

Coach Amy Pickron

Coach JR Quiroz

Coach Debbie Roach

Coach Hunter Russell

Coach Jason Washa

Coach Marcus Wenner

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