Whether you're goal is to complete a Spartan race or a marathon, CCF Spartans is the program for you!  This 10-session, 2-hour class, is conducted seasonally on Saturday mornings from 7-9am.  It is designed to prepare you both physically & mentally for the commitment you've made to yourself, and others.  We boast a 100% success rate, meaning our past participants ALWAYS accomplish their goal of crossing the finish line.  These grueling workouts are designed to make you comfortable being uncomfortable.  We will challenge you, try to break your indomitable spirit and ultimately leave you so well-conditioned for your upcoming event that you'll simply have fun and enjoy every moment up until your victory.

Throughout the course, we also spend considerable time teaching relevant obstacle racing skills such as:  rope ascents, spear-throwing, sand bag carries, wall-climbing, etc.

CCF Spartans Training Course (10 sessions)  $135   

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