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CrossFit Defense

What is CrossFit Defense?

• The ability to protect yourself or a loved one is the most important skill you hope you'll never need.

• This is not a martial arts course.

• Self-defense pre-dates every single martial art.

• Our course develops awareness, mindset, confidence and self-reliance.

• CrossFit athlete or a L-1 Coach, this course will make you tougher, safer, smarter.

• Like CrossFit itself, the Defense course uses movements that are elemental and fundamental to your survival to be prepared for the unknown and the unknowable.

• Using the power, speed and intensity that CrossFit develops, we teach participants how to strategically convert common CrossFit movements into defensive and protective tactics

• The most important skill we develop is mental toughness.


CrossFit Defense classes are offered monthly and run approximately 2 hours.

CCF Members- $15/ session
Non-members-  $30/ session


What is CrossFit Striking?

CrossFit Striking at its basic level is CrossFit WODs with punching, kicking, elbows, knees,...etc added in. There is no athlete more functionally conditioned than a fighter. They need agility, strength, speed, power. All these things come together to create a level of fitness that most specialized sports don’t even touch. CrossFit Striking adds in the functionality of punching and kicking to the already successful regimen of movements we use in CrossFit. What you’ll notice right away is your core muscles will be worked rotationally as opposed to in a straight line. When you punch and kick, you twist your body and this prepares you for any other sort of movement by giving it more stability in ANY position. It's also just plain FUN to hit things and we hit things a LOT. The past incarnation of this class graduated all the way up to light to medium ‘sparring’ with partners holding pads, sometimes partners NOT holding pads just punching CLOSE to one another and that (even though it sounds scary to some) can be a TON of fun when done under controlled conditions. 

                                            We can promise you these things:

1) You WILL have fun.
2) You CAN do this class in place of the actual Workout of the Day and get just as much of a workout. (possibly more)
3) You WILL NOT be forced to fight people.
4) You WILL acquire and develop a skill that we truly believe is the most functional a human being should have. Fighting is Functional.

Comal CrossFit Striking at Comal CrossFit w/ Marcus Wenner



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