Tim Strawther 
I have been a member of the Comal CrossFit (CCF) family for over 4 years, now.  I say family, because that is what CCF feels like to me.  My wife, Darla and I meet at the end of a typical work day to get our minds right…get our bodies right…and share in a common goal with some of the best folks you will ever encounter.  Everyday I get to hang with fellow athletes, of all ages and backgrounds, who have made a decision to work their butts off to exceed fitness goals beyond what most could accomplish in any other venue.  If you are looking for nice carpets, plenty of mirrors, 'puffed up prima donnas', a shiny row of fitness equipment, and a 'do-it-alone' attitude…then CCF is not for you.  However, if you want to hang with qualified coaches, supportive fellow athletes, and a place to change your life, then CrossFit at this Box is the place to be.

I am a 52 year old, former college athlete, with arthritis in my back / neck, who has had an on/off fitness focus for the last 30 years.  After retiring from the Air Force, Darla and I were looking for an activity that could be a shared event as we moved to the next chapter of our lives.  CrossFit has proven to be a perfect fit.   As a 'master's' level (aka…older), CrossFit athlete, keeping a proper balance of flexibility and CrossFit movements is a must.   If you can keep your 'game' in check, you can really make substantive changes in your approach to diet and fitness…and life.  The Work Out of The Days (WODs) test your confidence every day.   But, you can do it!      

For me, I have lost 20 lbs since starting with CCF; with a substantive improvement in muscle mass and physical ratios.  My blood pressure, cholesterol, pulse rate, et al…better than I have experienced in over 20 years!  Watching my fellow CCF family also change their lives, for the better, is a true motivating factor.  Everyone has their respective strengths.  Seeing folks conquer their fears (can you say cartwheels!), while building upon their new found strengths is what CrossFit is all about.  

Like I said, if you want to change your life…make this your first step.  You will Never regret it.   See you at the Box!


Leigh Montgomery

As a wife, mother of 3 boys and a working professional, it has proven difficult to find a workout regimen that fits my lifestyle.  For years I attempted many ''popular'' exercise programs with inconsistent results.  After a friend introduced me to Crossfit, I soon realized this program was a perfect fit for me.
Soon after joining Comal Crossfit I got pregnant with my 3rd child!  
The joy of Crossfit is it is scalable to fit anyone's needs.  I continued to Crossfit until the Monday before I delivered.
Crossfit combined with Paleo eating habits have gotten me to a level of fitness I have never experienced. What I love most goes beyond the WOD's and the reflection in the mirror...it's the friendships, support and the positive attitude of my fellow Crossfitter's.  
Thank You Comal Crossfit!   
Leigh Montgomery


                               Aug 2009                                        8 months "prego"                           Feb 2010           
153lbs 26% BF                                          198lbs                                 130lbs 21.4% BF



Paul Brand

I joined Comal CrossFit in February 2013.  Since then so many things have changed, for the better. I remember stepping in the box and immediately feeling intimidated by the six pack totin', barbell throwin' people and thinking how many pull-ups did they just do? I was encouraged and taught how to scale and workout for my ability level.  Regardless of how I had to scale down I was never put down or made fun of. Instead it was quite the opposite, most everyone in the box (as we like to call it) had been in my shoes at one time.  Over this last year I learned what a burpee was and the difference in a split jerk and a snatch.  But what I have loved learning the most is getting to know my new family. Because of their support, encouragement and patience with me I have gone from weighing 275 to 245. When I started I was not able to do one pull to now being able to do 50 plus in a WOD (Workout of the Day).  At the beginning I was not able to run a complete mile without stopping to recently running a 5K in 35:15 with a 50 pound rucksack.  I wouldn't have been able to achieve what I have done so far and won't be able to achieve my future goals without them.  Not to mention being consistent in showing up. Comal CrossFit has classes everyday multiple times during the day making excuses not to go very difficult.  Their friendly knowledgeable coaches care and really do want you to succeed.  I may not be the best in the box, but I am better and healthier than what I was.  Thanks Comal CrossFit for a great year and for the years to come.


Heather Hofstetter

I started at Comal CrossFit in the middle of May of 2010 and as of October 2011 I've lost 50 pounds, 4 dress sizes, and have gained a great deal of muscle. I have always had a weight problem and never really found anything that I enjoyed doing. I had tried many machines, but would get bored with them shortly after and I could never find anything that kept the weight off until a friend of mine introduced me to CrossFit. I was really skeptical about joining, thinking that there is no way I can do what everyone else is doing. However, after time and lots of encouragement from the wonderful coaches and fellow CrossFitters to push myself out side of my comfort zone I improved with every WOD. Since joining CrossFit I have gained more self-confidence than I ever had, not only because I’ve lost weight, but because I have accomplished many goal’s that I never thought possible. CrossFit is truly addicting and even when you know you are fixing to walk in and exert yourself on one of the toughest WODs you’ve ever done, it is something that you look forward to every day. It’s my support system and I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without CCF and it’s own little family.
Thanks Comal CrossFit!!



Crissy Rodriguez

I first joined Comal Crossfit because I had heard it was the best fitness center in the area.  After several months, I came to the conclusion that getting in shape was HARD! I decided to try some other places, hoping, like everyone does, that there was an easier way to meet my fitness goals.  What I learned was that the easier the program, the less I achieved.  By trying other places, I discovered what I was missing.  At the other places, it was easy to "cut corners" on various exercises, and my motivation was slipping.  At CCF you learn the discipline it takes to "do it right," and by so doing, you get results.  That's why I came back.  Yes, it's HARD, but isn't everything that's worth doing? Thanks, CCF!



Mike Miller

At 49 years and 8 months of age, with a weight of 250 lbs, cholesterol rating of 230, I finally decided to get up off the sofa and change my life.  I had been working out at several health clubs in the Spring Branch area, but could never seem to take off the weight.  After six months of working out at Comal CrossFit, I dropped 30 pounds in weight and my cholesterol dropped to 160 without even hardly changing my diet.  The first two months of working out were extremely difficult, but I stuck with it and now the rewards are evident.  I credit Comal CrossFit for changing my life.  All the people have been extremely supportine, motivating, and enjoyable to workout with.  I would especially like to thank the coaches Amy, Gretchen, Heather, Denise, Shayna, Debbie, and Leigh for all of their support and keeping me motivated.  Thank you Comal CrossFit!

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