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Our partner, Clean Your Plate Nutrition, are experts in the field of nutrition coaching and have helped many individuals achieve their weight loss goals in recent years. The best part is the entire CYP Nutrition coaching team are members at CCF just like you. It’s very likely you’ll be warming-up next to your coach on occasion which is great for accountability. CCF and Clean Your Plate Nutrition firmly believe in the value of a customized, macro-based nutrition program, and that’s exactly what you will get from us. Stop guessing and let us show you how much you should be eating to maximize both performance and the way you look in the mirror. For more information ask any trainer, or click here for a free consultation.

This is a monthly service offered through CCF. You may join the group any time.

Do you want to look good in your bathing suit?

A note from Coach Leigh:

“Take the next step towards achieving your health and fitness goals by signing up for this nutrition coaching service. Our team of certified nutrition coaches understand how to drive results because we practice what we preach. Join this group if you are committed to putting in the effort it takes to track your food intake on daily basis and adjust accordingly as suggested by your coach. Our program requires that you make nutrition a priority, and you adjust your current eating habits. Simply signing up for this group will not spur any overnight changes. Your program will take time and require you to stay patient and trust the process. Put in the work, however, and you will no doubt experience results.” 

What are Macros?

There are 3 dietary macronutrients. They are protein, dietary fat and carbohydrate. Your CYP Nutrition coach will give you an exact number of protein, fats and carbs to consume daily.

Do I need to be a CCF member to participate? No, CYP Nutrition has clients both inside, and outside the gym.

Is this a "Paleo" Challenge?

No. CYP Nutrition coaches teach you how to eat the foods you like while also educating you on the proper portions, nutrient content and timing of your food choices. Food quality is certainly important, but you will not be told certain foods are "off limits.” Food restriction and dieting is not emphasized. Learning how to properly fuel YOUR body is the goal.

There's no "magic pill" but there is a solution.  Let us help you with your personal strategy for living a lean & fit lifestyle.

Fact is, we all know it's about calories-in vs. calories-out.  The difference-maker is the quality AND the timing of those calories.  And that's where we can help you!

We are a team of personal nutrition coaches with a successful track record of helping others transform both their lives & their bodies.  

Will this be easy?  No.
Can you transform?  Yes!

We will provide you the tools to be successful.  You will do the work.  

Our proven nutrition coaching plan offers in-depth guidance and accountability, in addition to providing education on long-term sustainability, such as:  meal planning & shopping, food quality, calorie measurement, lean muscle vs. fat and nutritional supplementation recommendations.  

What you get:

  • 1:1 Personal Goal Setting (weight loss, strength, performance, sleep)
  • A custom prescription for macro nutrients (protein, carbs & fat)
  • Daily check-in's & accountability
  • Results tracking and performance trending metrics
  • Unlimited Q&A via email or phone
  • Strong community support via our private Facebook group where you'll receive encouragement, motivation, meal prep & recipe sharing


12 Weeks: $280
Month-to-month:  $100

If you want to learn more, book a free personal consultation with Coach Leigh Montgomery.

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