Yoga Classes are one-one hour in duration and are offered every Thursday at 10:30am and Friday at 6:45pm.

Classes are included in you Unlimited Monthly Membership.

Yoga-only 10-session punch cards are available for $100.00.  



Anyone that grew up with me or that knows me, will quickly tell you that Im a type A individual who loves a challenge and a good competition, sounds kind of like a Crossfitter, right?!  My first undergraduate experience was at UNC-Greensboro where I did collegiate cheerleading briefly before a back injury would require me to resign.  While at UNCG, I earned my degree in Exercise and Sports Science, the beginning of my fitness journey. After graduating, I began working as an AFAA group exercise instructor and as a personal trainer. That summer I applied to Lincoln Memorial University where my husband attended medical school and I completed their registered nurse program. While at Lincoln Memorial University, I returned to my old love of cheerleading and completed 2 additional years of collegiate cheerleading.  When we left Lincoln Memorial University, I tore my ACL (box jumps on a park bench with wet shoes from the grass, who would’ve guessed?)  and spent an extensive time in physical therapy before starting my career as a nurse.  I continued to teach a variety of group exercise classes from boot camp, HIIT, deep stretch, and kickboxing.  When my husband was deployed almost 2 years into our marriage as a flight surgeon, I moved back home with family.  I had made it a regular routine to attend Bikram Yoga once a week to allow mental rest, stretching, and recovery from my HIIT workouts.  I grew tired of dedicating 90 minutes to the same 26 postures in a 110 degree room.  A friend encouraged me to try Power Yoga at another local studio.  My first class was intense—completely different from Bikram’s same postures with the same designed goal for each person.  I quickly learned that power yoga was a flow of a variety of different yoga postures, it was 90 degrees instead of 110, and it was an individual practice for each person working to different goals.  While I was completely baffled and lost in this practice, I was in love!  For the first time in my life,  I learned to drop my competitive edge and just be on my mat. I learned breath and the ability to let go of all of the busyness that swarms my head when Im not in class.  I also got my butt handed to me, who knew yoga could be so hard? (One of the reasons I loved it, I might add!)  It is a practice of strength building with an intense focus on flexibility and range of motion.  I practiced regularly at Dancing Dogs Yoga Studio in Greensboro from February 2015 until we moved to San Antonio in May of 2015.  I applied to Dancing Dogs Yoga Intensive 200 hour training in Savannah, Georgia.  For 2 weeks, I spent 12-14 hours a day in a 95 degree room practicing power yoga, intense personal inquiry, and simply learning about the practice.  There was a lot of sweat, tears, and an ever growing love for Baptiste Inspired Power Yoga.  When I returned back to San Antonio, I applied for my 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance and began teaching free community yoga classes for 9 surrounding neighborhoods.  In addition, I had

the idea that I would like to target the Crossfit Community with this practice.  This practice shares more in common with Crossfit than most people would think. They both have a strong focus on community, it is mentally and physically tough, and they both greatly change an individuals life in so many ways for the better!  Baptiste Inspired Power Yoga can improve your life and your abilities in Crossfit.  It will teach you breath, mental clarity, provide restoration and recovery, lengthen your muscles, improve your mobility, and hopefully extend all it has to offer into your daily life.  Im ecstatic to become a part of your community and to help create new possibilities for each and every one of you!


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